Stuffed Marrow

This meal was inspired by a recipe made by the ‘Hairy Bikers’. I did alter the recipe, quite significantly, since I didn’t particularly want any meat in my dinner.


2 Onions (I used one red and one white onion) finely diced
3 Small carrots, sliced
Several mushrooms, diced
2 Courgettes, diced
1 Marrow, halved
3 Tbsp Plain flour
350ml Veg Stock
A tiny bit of cayenne pepper
Salt & Pepper

I fried the onions gently (in a large saucepan) in a little rapeseed oil for a few minutes until soft and then added the carrot, the mushrooms and the courgette.
After frying for about 10min on a medium heat I added the seasoning and the stock, then left it to simmer for another 10min.

After scooping the seeds out of the halved marrow, and heating the oven to 200°C, I added the flour to the filling and stirred it in to create a thick sauce.
I then filled the halves of marrow with the sauce, grated a little comte cheese on top, and put it in the over for about 45-50min.

The sauce was lovely and thick, and tasted very nice, the marrow was just soft and the cheese had formed a nice crust on top. I served it with some cauliflower and sweet potato mash (boil cauliflower and sweet potato for about 10-15min until soft, mash with a bit of butter, salt, pepper and half a teaspoon of ground cumin).

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